By ordering Singhz Cleaning Services by the telephone, website or via email the client agrees to follow the terms and conditions of Singhz Cleaners.

General Terms by Singhz Cleaners:


    1. Singhz Cleaners will provide its services to the clients who are subjected to terms and conditions.
    2. The customers should provide Singhz Cleaners with the official and valid address.
    3. The client should inform prior only if they require extra hours of work.
    4. For any additional work, the customer has to contact Singhz Cleaners and inform them of all the additional work required.
    5. For any change in the service (like change at the end of lease cleaning day etc) the client has to inform the Singhz Cleaners earlier only.
    6. The date of the cleaning service will be agreed by both the client and the Singhz Cleaners.
    7. The client is not allowed to appoint any other cleaning services at least for 6 months after the agreement with Singhz Cleaners.
    8. Singhz Cleaners and the client are committed not to disclose any private or important information about each other to anyone else.
    9. Singhz Cleaners retain the rights of not accepting the booking for certain reasons.
    10. Singhz Cleaners reserve the right to cancel an appointment if the property is not under the described condition.

Payment and Access

· The advance payment must be done 2 days prior to the service providing day.
· The money will be not returned back once the payment is done.
· If the client cancels the service 2 days prior to the service providing day, they have to pay 45% of the payment to the Singhz Cleaners.
· The client must provide access to the property on the service day and if fails then he is subjected to pay 50% of the payment as postponement fee.
· The electricity and running water facility must be present within the property where the cleaning service has to be done. Failure of these will cost 4500 as non-refundable fees.
· The payment should be cashless and must be done via any cashless method.
· If the payment is not done within 24 hours, we have the right to cancel the appointment.
Cancellation of the cleaning service
· We do not charge a cancellation fee if we are informed 5 days prior to the service providing day.