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Kitchen cleaning tips that will make your kitchen shine again!

When it comes to kitchen cleaning, we noticed how difficult it is to clean your stove and kitchen counter tops. Many of us must have tried very expensive cleaning products to make our work easy. We try every available product in market with hope that it might dissolve the dirt and make it easier to clean out kitchen. If you are looking cheaper and eco friendly ways to solve your cleaning problem then following 3 kitchen cleaning tips will help you to get the Job done.

3 Kitchen Cleaning Tips

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1. Use Baking soda then the conventional cleaner. 

Edible baking soda has many more different uses! Not only does it come handy when we are preparing cake or homemade bread. It can be used in whitening your teeth and can used to clean kitchen appliances and stove. Baking soda is reliable, efficient and cheap, eco friendly cleaner and can be purchased with very ease. Usage of baking soda will replace the conventional cleaners and it has no chemical effects.

2. Usage of ammonia is always helpful in cleaning of stove.

Stove burners are dirt magnet that is perfectly understandable why it is difficult to clean. Whenever your frying pan drips a bit, it all gathers around the grates of your stove burners, thus making them very difficult to clean. Now there are many options available either replace the stove burner or spend energy and time to cleaning them, but if you want to be a responsible homeowner and reduce your carbon footprint (while saving some money at the same time!), then you should definitely consider using some ammonia to clean them!

3. Vinegar and Baking soda can be used to clean stainless steel sink.

Stainless steel sinks have become the first choice for every modern homeowner. Its easy to clean, durable and rather affordable, stainless steel sinks are definitely a great and hassle-free long-term investment. However, they can sometimes become greasy and dirty as well, so what is to be done when that happens? Try these kitchen cleaning tips and get the result you want at very less price.


Cleaning your kitchen sink and garbage disposal unit can be very challenging, and the truth is that there are many products designed to dissolve and eliminate the food remains and other debris that may clog your sink’s drainage. However, if you want an eco-friendly and cheaper alternative, then look no further than this one: you will be amazed to see just how powerful lemon can be, when combined with some vinegar and baking soda!

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